'Vasarely square'

For the reconstruction of the public spaces of the district designed for the European Capital of Culture as an eastward extension to downtown Pécs, a public procurement tender was called for, with the A+ Studio of young Pécs architects winning the commission. The project was later somewhat reduced; important elements of the project are the completion of Király Street that has already been used as a pedestrian street, and the creation of a new public square connected to the street?s end. A large piece of land had been waiting for the future concert hall on the upper part of Búza Square, but was eventually sold, and a tenement building was erected on it, designed by Mérték Architect Studio. The newly designed public space is the gateway to the ECC quarter: its large, open surfaces enable outdoor leisure, and its modern street furniture harmonises with the other reconstructions. The programme winning the competition included the placement of art pieces representing the proximity of the ECC quarter and the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, and the intent to name the new square after the world famous Pécs-born painter, Victor Vasarely. This latter initiative was, however, dismissed even though the use of Vasarely?s name as an attraction had been suggested earlier by the citizens.

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