Uránváros district centre

The district called Uránváros, 'Uranium City', to the west from the downtown area of Pécs, was brought to life at the time of the uranium mines of the Mecsek mountains. Its first residential building was inaugurated on 23 October 1956, the first day of the nationwide revolt against the Soviet-imposed government. With over ten thousand apartments, it is still one of the largest housing estates built using the panel technique in Hungary. It is also one of the finest owing to the well-considered, diverse planning. The centre of the district, Uránbányász square is surrounded by well-preserved buildings erected in the sixties and seventies, including the recently renovated Mecsek department store and the second highest, seventeen-storey building of Pécs. A high-standard agora was constructed for the citizens of the area on the worn-down square as part of the public space development projects for the European Capital of Culture year. The two sides of the square were connected through the elevation of the level of Ybl Miklós street: characteristic new elements include the pergola and the water feature designed in the place of the old water fountain. To the south from here is the Szilárd Leó park, where the road network was reorganised, and a new playground, a multifunctional pavilion and new street furniture were created with maintaining the rich and valuable greenery.

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