University Club and tenement building

Downtown Pécs was in a catastrophic state in the early 1970s: the 30 kilometres long cellar system underneath the area was life threatening on several places. The city received government aid to repair the tunnels originating partly from the Roman era, partly from the Middle Ages. Sándor Dévényi placed a new site of the Aquarium-Terrarium and the Mining Museum among other things in uniquely transformed cellar sections. His most significant work in this is however the so-called University Club, completed but never used according to its name due to financial reasons. It has been only seen by a few people despite its architectural excellence. The brick arches and the stairs and passages blending into the walls provide a special experience in the inner space of the 1000 square metre cellar system. In 2006 a residential building was built on top of the cellar with a sculptural brick facade recalling the arches of the cellar on Rákóczi avenue, and a simpler and lower, but pleasantly portioned facade looking on Líceum street. The inner courtyard is decorated with colourful surfaces and shapes reminiscent of building block toys, typical of Dévényi.

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