The Southern part of Citrom street

At the time of the excavation of the medieval castle wall of Pécs, the adjacent old buildings were demolished. This resulted in an unpleasant gap in the fabric of the town in Citrom Street despite the beautifully renovated castle wall. The solution was the construction of a building at 22 Bem Street, opening this space from the east with a passage-way based on the design of Péter Várnagy. Afterwards the demolished south part of the Citrom Street was built in again, creating the first shopping street in downtown Pécs. Along with Várnagy who supervised the works, Sándor Dévényi who designed the paving of the area, István Kistelegdi, András Horváth and Ágnes Uherkovich interior designer participated in planning. The unique, diamond-shaped floor-plan of the new building and its rambling spaces evokes the medieval track and the atmosphere of the street in a nifty way. Its facades of red brick and its windows painted brown unmistakably reveal that it was constructed in the eighties. The abutment-like brick pillars on two sides of the building, crowned by ceramics globes made in the Zsolnay factory, also allude the Middle Ages. The building is outstanding among the average eighties buildings not only as a tool of town reconstruction but also in quality.

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