Tenement building in József street

The northern part of downtown Pécs is a less-known area among tourists. Here, in the historic József Street, stood the early 20th century storage building that was terribly worn-down by the nineties. The local Borza és Társai Architect Studio received a complex commission in relation to this plot: the construction of a gymnasium inside the renovated storage building; and the erection of a new, six-storey building in place of the one-storey wing, with the preservation of the street facade. A parking garage is located in the basement, and 12 apartments and an office can be found on three floors and in the loft area. The renovated old building sections were plastered green; the atmospheric surfaces of the new facades made of used bricks are divided by white stripes. With its proportions, placement and sections, the building is in well-considered harmony with the street, and is related to the slightly older Barbican House in terms of its materials.

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