Swallow House

The design of the apartment building of 61 studio flats is the masterpiece of István Kistelegdi, Jr., DLA; it was designed to accommodate young people working or studying at the University of Pécs. A parking garage is located on the lower level of the L shaped block close to the street, while the other wing overlooking the garden has apartments on the ground floor with tiny, atrium-like walled gardens. The facades reflect the usual tenement buildings: the glass walls built with a green metal structure are shadowed by metal-coloured lamellas, leaning over to the bevel plane of the roof at the upper level. The unusually large glass surfaces counterbalance the small size of the apartments. The red frames of the windows, visible from the outside, respond to the olive-green structures, set in the raw concrete and white-painted brick surfaces of the facade. The building is an example of the successful reconstruction of the city with its pleasant proportions and size.

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