Somogyi Cellars

Construction of the cellar network in Kálvária hill, originally aimed to be a university meeting centre, began in the eighties according to Sándor Dévényi?s plans, but the project soon came to a halt. A well-known winemaker family of the Villány wine region saw fantasy in the renovated building sections around 2000. Bálint Bachmann, the architect commissioned to finish the building retouched the legacy of his predecessor in a non-conventional way. He added perforated metal gates to the planned triple entrance, which, when closed, only let in dim light to the guest-hall behind them. The brick three-part vault was supposed to be reburied, but the designer chose to leave it as it was, covering it with a steel-polycarbonate protective roof, the pronounced lines of which are softened with a vine-arbour. The interior designer was Klára B. Soós, while the cheerful Bacchus statue by the separated entrance is the work of Sándor Rétfalvi sculptor.

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