Social tenement building with 116 apartments

The winner of the countrywide procurement for building in the previously empty piece of land was Margit Pelényi?s design in 2000. The building complex she designed is divided into two blocks following the fractional shape of the land, with the bright red staircase in the middle acting as the axis. Owing to the well-considered dividing of the masses, the building is urban despite the less built-in neighbourhood with intimate spaces. The middle block is completely covered with warm-coloured wooden lamellas; the other wings? shades over the windows create a pleasant, plastic rhythm. The building opens up in every direction through corridors and terraces, gladly used by the residents. The high standard architectural look and the select colours and materials make the viewer forget that it is a social tenement building. The planned green roof intended for public use and the row of parking garages in front of the building were not completed.

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