Schaár Erzsébet Museum

Erzsébet Schaár?s work titled Utca (meaning street) is one of the most significant Hungarian art pieces from the second half of the 20th century. This work summing up the life-work of Schaár was first displayed in 1975, the year of her death, in Luzern, Switzerland. The permanent museum building in Pécs was built for the work reconstructing the state of the piece there, and was inaugurated in 1991 as the latest addition to the 'museum quarter' of Káptalan Street. The architects subjected the building to the complicated plasticity-architecture system and symbolism of the art piece; the simple inner space with its pitched roof serves this purpose in its completeness. The timeless building complies modestly with the historic buildings of Káptalan Street, but its diverse materials and its certain details reveal its time of origin and the influence of postmodern architecture.

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