Roman courtyard

In the course of the archaeological excavations preceding the construction works, the remains of Pécs?s Roman predecessor, the city of Sopianae were identified. The court of the new building was built in the spirit of this historical legacy. The Roman bases were integrated into the paving of the court; one of the wall sections of the ruins maintained on the basement level emerges onto the ground floor, and a partial column-cap made of ceramics was placed on top of it. The building is a cross-passage, but the two street facades relate differently to their surroundings. The Teréz street side takes up the rhythm of the old houses of the Baroque-Classicist street view, only broken up by a strong feature, the abstract section of the entrance. The narrower but taller facade on Jókai street complies with the more urban buildings of its side. The designer used the forms of organic architecture: certain parts of the facade were made using animal and plant motives; the compass-window is reminiscent of a bird for example. The column-caps on the street facade imitate nearby flowers with bright colours.

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