Rókus Promenade

This promenade of stairs is the main traffic axis of the housing estate in the Szigeti city district: this is where the flat shop buildings of the high-rise buildings open to, and this is where the green areas between the lower blocks can be accessed. The promenade was renovated in the course of the public space renovation projects for the European Capital of Culture. The designers aimed at a more structured, cleaner, simpler overall picture, and tried to create harmony with the facades completed during earlier public renovation projects, which resulted in sometimes shocking colours. (The original ceramic tile coverings of considerable architectural value were unfortunately destroyed almost everywhere during the former renovation works.) The promenade is dominated by raw surfaces and geometric shapes that will be softened in time by the plants. Among the street furniture we can find both the amoeba-shaped concrete benches of the ECE spaces and the local specialty benches of fine steel net reminding us of lace. The promenade is crowned by the concrete statue of the sculptor Sándor Kígyós, which was erected in 1978 and renovated recently.

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