Regional Library and Knowledge Centre

The South Transdanubian Regional Library and Knowledge Centre was a key project for the European Capital of Culture season. The 13 thousand square meter building accommodates the City Library of Pécs, the Csorba Gy?z? County Library and the Central Library of the University of Pécs. The main entrance is on the concave main facade looking over Zsolnay Vilmos Street. The triangular frame structure of the facade appears through the covering panels of glass and polycarbonate that give the building a slightly cool look. The central element of the building is the ?Hive? in the middle of the block reaching over several levels, the organic shape of which is emphasised by the covering made of tiles with the Zsolnay-glaze called eosin. Beside library functions, the building accommodates a conference room of 150 persons and two lecture rooms with a capacity of 200 persons each; the latter is used by the nearby faculties of law and economics whose libraries moved also to the new building. The Knowledge Centre welcomes visitors from the autumn of 2010.

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