Red Baron Yamaha motorbike store

The factory district called Gyárváros, the quarter of the factory workers? family homes lost its identity gradually in the past decades: the small houses were replaced by housing estate panel buildings on one part, and commercial functions settled into the area along Zsolnay Vilmos street. The motorbike shop designed by Zorán Patartics aims to counterbalance this phenomenon quality-wise. The building is one-storey towards the street, and two-storey towards the rear parking place; this transformation can also be seen on the side facades. The lower level accommodates a motorbike repair shop, a storage facility and a counter, while the upper one serves as a showroom. The first receives natural light through ventilation- and light wells, and side windows, the latter through the facade windows and the overhead light features. Even though it stands in a hollow, the building looks outstanding from the street due to the landfill; the most important motive of the facade is the row of glass windows along it, directing our attention to the motorbikes behind it. The attention of people driving by is captured with a ?blank window? in the upper slice of the street facade where a shadow animation of a motorbike is shown. The materials and colours of the facade reflect the building?s function.

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