Rainbow Children's House

This building was originally constructed for pioneers in a part of Uránváros district that was not fully built-in at the time. After the regime change it kept its basic functions and received its present name, szivárvány meaning rainbow. The characteristic style of the architect, the use of large, geometric shapes and the tendency towards symmetry, is further articulated in this neighbourhood of block houses, resulting in one of Várnagy?s best works. The forms of the building, with its square-shaped floor-plan, and the half-cylinders of the staircases extending it, appears to be timeless. The army green colour of the facade with the (now weather-beaten) bright red of the windows and doors was inspired by the youth function. The spaces of the inside are aligned diagonally in harmony with the entrance placed on the corner: the large central hall is surrounded by easily accessible activity rooms with windows also on the inside. The wall painting of the entrance hall was painted by Sándor Pinczehelyi, a Pécs artist well-known countrywide; the acoustic wall-covering is the work of Zsuzsanna R. Füzessy, while the unique, uniform and variable furniture was made on Ágnes Uherkovich?s designs.

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