The Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pécs is the most significant school of technology in Southern Transdanubia. The students and teachers of its architecture faculty have had significant influence on Pécs and its surroundings; the latest acknowledgement of this was the university ranking obtained in 2004. The campus of the faculty was built by Ferenc Módos in the sixties on a hill with a magnificent view on the city. The buildings were completely reshaped during the 2000s owing to the teachers? work. The spatial structure of the campus remained unchanged: the main building of two wings is connected to the 800 bed dormitory behind it through a diagonal row of pavilions. As a result of the overhaul, the main building has been renewed through the reasoned use of quality materials, through the extended entrance hall and the pleasant space that was established in front of the main entrance. The dormitory kept its robust mass typically of its age, while the new simple canopy roof of the entrance and the bright red emergency stairway bring colour to the view. Two significant artworks of the campus are Ferenc Friedrich?s COR-TEN steel sculpture called ?Relationship 2007? in front of the entrance of the main building, and Marica Sipor?s and Anikó Varga?s submersed concrete structure named ?Approach?.

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