Postavölgy Church

The building sitting enthroned above the houses of the valley is an outstanding example of the religious architecture of socialist Hungary. József Getto designed the plans on commission from József Cserháti diocesan for the building on a piece of land owned by the parish. The ground-plan is a concave heptagon: the church is organised around a single wall revolving in an imperfect helix and rising. The three metal structured roof units covering the inside space can only be seen from the valley, from the entrance; the buildings looks like a castle-like mass of white walls without opening from every other viewpoint. The entrance is located at the lowest point of the wall, on the rear facade with a glass wall. Upon stepping inside, we can find the altar on the left, at the base of the tower, and in the larger, part of the nef with higher ceiling accommodates the chancel, the baluster of which is adorned with the reliefs of János Erd?s depicting the Genesis.

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