Parish hall, Pellérd

The second element of the new centre of Pellérd is the most important building of the township. The designer wanted to dedicate a symbolic role to the new parish hall: he envisioned it as a building of European quality that has both the pathos required from public buildings and a democratic ethos. The small, two-storey building is round-arched; its flat roof complies with the new building style that began with the neighbouring savings bank branch as opposed to the buildings with traditional hipped roofs. The main mass of the building is split by bastion-like structures; the upper floor beetling over the entrance on the other hand is reminiscent of the village houses with verandas. The facade is mostly covered with durable natural stone, in which the plastered rectangles and the window openings inside or around them are playful surface motives. The focus of the clear and functional interior is the citizen coming for administrative assistance. The ground floor is for administration, the upper floor holds meeting rooms and a lecture hall; and a kitchen and a cafeteria were constructed for the employees.

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