Museum Street

A six thousand square meter exhibition area was one of the megaprojects of the European Capital of Culture reconstructions. The KörTe Architect Studio won the commission to design it in a public procurement. But the cuts in the investment budget circumvented the original idea; the studio received the task of planning the park of the site, Káptalan Street and the existing buildings instead. Almost all the buildings of the row of medieval houses, also called 'Museum street' serve cultural functions. The Zsolnay Museum is located in the former house of the Catholic chapter, the Mining Museum is in a cellar designed by Sándor Dévényi, and the area is also the home of the memorial park of Pierre Székely Hungarian-French sculptor designed by Péter Várnagy. The KörTe Studio used mainly traditional materials and techniques to renovate the public spaces in a small-town manner; landscaping tools got significance mainly around the houses on the north side of the street.

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