Munkácsy Courtyard

The building below which one of the first underground parking garages is built, was named after Mihály Munkácsy painter, just like the street it is in. The facade bears the rhythm of the older houses, and is interrupted by an irregular opening over the corner of the garage entrance where plaster is replaced by colour ceramic tiles. The ceramic decoration of the facade was made by Dévényi?s permanent creative partner, Sándor Dobány sculptor, just like at the Roman Court. The inner courtyard provides a somewhat more relaxed overall picture, with harmonious details recalling Dévényi?s work in the eighties. The facade, however, fits the words of Ferenc Vámossy architecture historian from 1999 when he described the architect?s late works as ?outshouting its surroundings with their express deconstructivist references and almost exploding shapes and colours, instead of organic assimilation, the connection becomes filled with tension?.

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