Megyer district centre

Megyer district, located on the south from downtown Pécs, obtained its present shape after World War II. Its centre is the Apáczai Csere János Education Centre completed in 1980 according to the plans of Tibor Jankovics. The main objective of the public space reconstruction conducted in the framework of the European Capital of Culture projects was to establish a real secondary city centre in this area lacking city-planning, also using the area of the bus station moved from Csontváry Street. The reshaped area begins at the bus stop at Nagy Imre Avenue, where a more spacious, more liveable square was created through the reduction of parking spots. At the partially land filled place of the station, a pavilion or ?info point? was constructed, also able to serve as a stage, with a fountain. Surrounding the also renovated building of the Education Centre, the space is less filled with objects: the inner space is dominated by the streaks of water springing up from the pavement, while the retaining walls can be used as a meeting point for conversations.

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