Kodály Centre

One of the most significant key-projects of the European Capital of Culture season was the construction of the largest complex of Southern Transdanubia, accommodating the most people, functioning as a concert hall, event and conference centre. The large hall of the over 11.000 square meter building can accommodate 999 people, and the other conference halls of the building have the same capacity. It is a Hungary-wide unprecedented feature that the floor level of the large hall will be partially mobile, therefore the floor inclined for concerts can be shifted into a horizontal position for large-scale events. Different functions are located around the conference hall in a helical way; the main entrance is the gate of this 'snail-house' opening onto Zsolnay Vilmos Avenue. The building which houses the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra and the Cultural Centre of Pécs, was named after notable Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály in the autumn of 2010 and opened in December.

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