Jókai Square

This atmospheric public space of downtown Pécs was reconstructed on the millennium of the Hungarian state with government support. It was the idea of a group of intellectuals: Sándor Dévényi designed the architectural plans, with Zoltán Pál and István Bencsik sculptors, and Tamás Aknai art historian participating in the preparation. Car traffic and parking was banned from the square, giving place to a pedestrian area. The pavement was designed to enhance the Mediterranean style of the town: the warm yellow Dalmatian limestone and the Istrian stone are typical of cities along the Adriatic Sea. The unique ?furniture sculptures? encourage strollers to walk around and occupy them; and the stream directed through the square adds to the special experience. Small surprises, such as the five traffic limiting stone columns at the end of the street towards Széchenyi square with board-games chiselled on top, or the piece of rail commemorating the Pécs tramway that ran from 1913 to 1960, give a friendly and human touch to the square.

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