Inspectorate of Environmental Protection

The Neoclassical main building of the South Transdanubian Inspectorate of Environmental Protection and Water stands on Papnövelde Street, right in front of the low house where its designer, an outstanding local architect of the Neoclassicism, József Piatsek was born. When the authority moved into the building, the construction of a new wing became necessary, in which additional offices and customer service rooms are located. This wing was constructed on the rear part of the land, submersed into the rising ground level. Because of its dome-shaped metal roof, the building looks smaller from the courtyard than the three-storey house it really is. The natural stone covering of the ground floor facade melts into the retaining wall made of the same material. The customer entrance is accentuated with the wood-covered round-arch above it. Behind an opening in the natural stone wall a steep set of stairs goes up to the garden lying on the second floor level.

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