Heart Clinic

The original building of the Pécs clinic, designed by Lajos Gádoros and Pál Borosnyai, was inaugurated in 1966 as shown on the memorial plaque at the street gate. The Heart Clinic was constructed between the two, perpendicular wings. The building is four-storey from Ifjúság avenue, and five-story from the garden. It consists of two wings parallel to the avenue, which frame an inner courtyard. The connection to the old building is provided by the light-structured glass bridges over the two level deep court; the formal contact is created by the vertical sectioning of the facade and the floating roof. Further details, such as the light granite facades as opposed to the old yellow ceramics covering, emphasise the building?s independence; the colours and materials can also be interpreted as typical features of the time of construction. The four facades of the building have different characters: the eastern, western and southern facades reflect on the older building, while the northern one overlooking Ifjúság avenue emphasises the horizontal look with its lamellas and pierced character.

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