Grand Exhibition Space

After the originally planned Grand Exhibition Space had become unfeasible upon the assessment of project costs, its functions were reassigned to the Papnövelde Street building of the Old County Hall. The Modern Hungarian Gallery, one of the most significant museums of 20th century Hungarian fine arts in the country, had already operated in this building. The renovation means not only the complete reconstruction of the Baroque building, but also its expansion on three levels. This area of over 3 000 square meters will host the artefact storage room, exhibition spaces, offices, visitors? centre and research offices of the Gallery that all have been located in other buildings. The main mass of the metal-glass structured building will be in the courtyard, but will abut toward the street with a brave, pierced wedge, reflecting the change. Its unique characteristic is the design that takes advantage of the air-conditioning features, upon the work of István Kistelegdi, Jr.

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