Gandhi High School and Stundents Hostel

The Gandhi High School opened in 1994, as the first high school in Hungary to accommodate talented Roma students. It was named after the influential Indian politician of the 20th century, Mahatma Gandhi. The foundation that operates the school bought this complex in 1993. The buildings were constructed along the plans of János Szigetvári, and used to serve as a bull-pen and office building for the coal mines of the Mecsek. Zorán Patartics received the right in the course of a public procurement for the reconstruction, which was only partially completed. Overcoming the fact that the buildings that had to remain in place meant a lot of inflexibility, the designer wanted to architecturally express the 'otherness' laid down in the principles of the school. 'It is important to treat otherness as a means to get to know each other, as opposed to seeing it as the basis for discrimination', writes Patartics. The proportions of the facade reflect the functions of the inside. The interior is decorated with bright colours drawing on the Gypsy art traditions.

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