Elephant House

This is where the rehabilitation of downtown Pécs began, with the building block between Jókai square and Széchenyi square named after a tin elephant statue on one corner. (This elephant used to serve as the trade-sign of a spice, iron and colonial produce shop called ?Black Elephant?.) The initial plans were completed in the beginning of the seventies, but reconstruction work only finished in 1988 when the building received the Ybl Award. Heritage sites were carefully renovated, for instance, the stone balcony of 7 Széchenyi square that had been demolished was rebuilt. The function of the buildings of this central location downtown was also modified: apartments were replaced by the community rooms of the House of Arts. The courtyard inside the block named after József Hild architect became a public space, with the HVAC centre below it. The facades of the courtyard were decorated with ornaments made of Zsolnay ceramics. Among the renewed inner spaces, the library designed in the loft area and the second floor big hall are worthy of notice.

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