Elementary School, Pellérd

The third and most large-scale element completed in the new centre of Pellérd is the elementary school. The classrooms are located in the longer, two-storey wing of the L-shaped building, while the gymnasium, also suitable to host community functions is in the shorter wing. The entrance lies between the two, enhanced with an articulated gate motive towards the main square, from which the glass-walled, transparent gym and its supplementary rooms can also be accessed. The school library, also serving as the community?s library, pressing against the classroom wing, looks over the courtyard among the two wings. The classrooms are arrayed next to one another as saw-teeth, creating small spaces along the inner corridor 'where kids can hide from the argus-eyed teachers', says Tamás Getto architect. Durable, not too expensive materials were explicitly chosen for the building: terra-cotta ashlar for the interiors, natural stone for the corridors, fibre cement and manually processed brick on the outside. The roof is covered with aluminium sheets.

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