Downtown walk

We go to the north from Széchenyi Square, and proceed along Káptalan Street, nicknamed ?Museum Street?. The entrance of the Cella Septichora Visitor Centre opens from the tree-lined promenade of Szent István Square; the Dome Museum is to the north from here, and the Early Christian Mausoleum to the south, but we can get directions in the Visitor Centre as well. We leave the historic city centre through the rear entrance of the Bishopric that is only open during the day, and return there after visiting the Barbican House. Beside the circular medieval bastion we can find Esze Tamás Street, and we enter the courtyard of its first house to proceed to the recently renovated western castle wall promenade to enjoy the breathtaking view. Afterwards we go south on Ferencesek Street, followed by Váradi Antal Street. After looking at the buildings on Rákóczi Avenue we turn left to Irgalmasok Street, from which we can get to Citrom Street through a gateway. At the end of the small shopping street we turn right in front of the huge building of the main post office and follow Jókai Street to the square bearing the same name. We can reach Apáca Street where the last stop of our tour can be found by walking under the elephant that inspired the name of the Elephant House.



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