Downtown tour to the west

We take off from Széchenyi Square to the north, and turn west after Somogyi Cellars located in the mountainside, proceeding on Aradi vértanúk Avenue outside the city centre designed by Sándor Dévényi in the eighties. Following the Barbican House the buildings of the street change into panel housing estates. We turn right before long, and arrive to the side entrance of PTE-PMMK on the slope of Radnics Street. We cross the campus and walk down to Alkotmány Street. (The tomb of Idris Baba viewable from Nyár Street is worth a small detour.) From here we continue our tour on Ifjúság Road and Rókus Promenade among buildings erected in the sixties and seventies. On Hungária Street we pass the 80 meters high ?High-rise House? that was recorded in the Guinness World Records as the highest abandoned building of the world, and is still not habited. We should take a look at Kórház Square renovated for the European Capital of Culture year, and at the mosque of Jakovali Hassan Pasha, and we can return to our starting point on Ferencesek Street.



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