Croatian Education Centre

The former school building standing on this spot was designed by Ern? Tillai local architect. At the time of the renovation of the classroom wing, the cafeteria and the gymnasium parallel to Szigeti Avenue, the new dormitory wing was constructed in front, and a large-scale aula-entrance hall was built between the two. The homogenous look is ensured with the orange-red colouring on the facades, also providing a pleasant visual counter-balance to the neighbouring block houses. When designing the facades of the new wings, the designers aimed to create harmony with the existing ones, but elaborate details are still notable on the outside and in the interior. The bilingual, Hungarian-Croatian school was named after Miroslav Krleža (1893-1981) Croatian writer and poet, an outstanding figure of 20th century Croatian literature who used to go to army school in Pécs, he spoke excellent Hungarian and maintained a good relationship to the Hungarian avant-garde literary community.

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