Citrom Shops

In the middle of Citrom Street that was revived as a shopping street from the eighties, there was a one-storey, old house of craftsmen, once inhabited by a potter, a joiner and a fabric blueprinter. The investor who had planned to completely demolish the building and erect a new house in its place, was obliged to keep the original facade by the monument protection authority: the house could be demolished due to its worn-down state, but the protected facade had to be reconstructed. The architect took advantage of these orders. He kept the ground-floor facade and the built fence following the line of the ledge according to the requirements, but redid the shabby Art Nouveau-Art Deco motives of the plaster decoration with ceramic tiles. ?A comprehending and sympathetic hand made the decorations into what the once-lived simple mason might have wanted?, writes the architect. The unique postmodern character of the house is further enhanced by the metal structural elements of the building that is two-storey on the courtyard side.

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