Center of Nephrology

The winner of a public procurement to extend the Medical School of the University of Pécs was a cross-shaped building in 1991. The unusual shape was rationalised by the diverse healthcare functions. Due to financial problems, however, only three arms of the cross were completed; the fourth was built years later, slightly offset in position, connected to the main building with a juncture structure. The various functions of the wings are displayed on the facades in different ways. Despite this feeling of organic growth, the designer aimed at a homogenous look, for this he used alettes concealing the gutters, horizontal stripes, abutting brick decorations, and coherent selection of materials. The system of pitched roofs gradually rising towards the middle enhances the peculiar look. The building is much more like a residential building than a healthcare facility. The brick wall covering designed with extra insulation and ventilated air-gap is an early case of energy-conscious design.

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