Cella Septichora Visitor Center

The early Christian cemetery of Pécs became part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2000, giving the town an opportunity to display it in an architectural framework it deserves with the help of EU sources. It was a complex project for reasons such as the vulnerability of the finds, and the historic buildings erected above the site. The burial structures are connected by an underground steel walking platform; wherever possible, the designers introduced natural light to these parts through glass plates in the present walkway. This is especially important above the seven-cusped grave chapel. A cross-shaped bridge structure arches over the 300 square meter glass surface providing access to the bishopric and the Dome Museum. A crevice-like light tunnel with a water curtain leads from here to entrance from the pedestrian square, where the gate is made of the light permeable LiTraCon or glass concrete invented by Áron Losonczi. The Early Christian Mausoleum can also be visited as part of the centre?s premises only a few steps away. The walls of the lower level of the building, full of paintings, were discovered in 1975, and the building reached its final build in 1986 from the design of Zoltán Bachman, Csaba Vezér and Adrienn Emresz.

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