Café Paulus

Café Paulus is a popular meeting point among the students of the University of Pécs. The owners were still attending the university when they opened it on the site of a former furniture storage building. Later a small garden was attached to the building, and in 2007-2008 the terrace was transformed into a building. The transition between the buildings of different heights presented a challenge as well as the location of the service entry on the main facade. The new wing was attached orthogonally to the typically 1960?s university building designed by Ern? Tillai; bold reinforced concrete terrace balances in front of the glass facade of the one storey block. The height of the terrace was determined by the well crib and the rainwater drainage system, but the structure became an elegant and characteristic element of the street view owing to the console overhang. The height of the coffee shop complies with the neighbouring fully built-in houses, while its colours reflect the Sgraffito decoration of the university building.

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