Branch bank, Pellérd

The government of Pellérd, a village approximately seven kilometres from Pécs with a population of two thousand commissioned Tamás Getto?s architect studio in 2004 to prepare a long-term development plan with the objective of a new centre for the township. The purposefulness and consideration of the project is quite unique in Hungary. First the new branch of the local savings bank was realised. The main purpose of the barely 100 square meter building is to provide transition between the traditional one-storey buildings of the main street and the multiple-level block of the new centre, and to turn the direction of traffic by ninety degrees to the new east-west esplanade. The building serves as a sort of gate: the abstracted facade and the geometric proportions fulfil this function. The glass-brick patterns of the walls show the symbolism determined by the village: the branch bank is ?a hive, while the diligent bees of Pellérd carry into it what they?ve collected?.

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