Bicycle tour to Pellérd and back

We start our tour from Széchenyi Square to the west through Jókai Square. We turn onto Tüzér Road from Szigeti Road, but return to Szigeti after the next block where we continue our trip until the Croatian Education Centre. Then we ride backwards on the parallel Stadion Street, and turn south on Ybl Miklós Street. This is how we reach the centre of Uránváros district centre, and go ahead on Dr. Veress Endre Street, following a small path by the tennis court to the Szivárvány Children?s House. From here we proceed towards Mártírok Avenue, then upon crossing the railways go on Megyeri avenue, on the western side of Kertváros. We leave Nagy Imre Avenue for Lahti Street towards Pellérd. The main street of the township located seven kilometres away from Pécs was named after György Dózsa, we can access all our stops from here. We return to Pécs on the same route but turn right from Lahti Street onto Eszék Street, and follow the Malomvölgyi Road ? Nagy Imre Avenue ? Maléter Pál Road route to the Education Centre and the centre of Megyer district. From Nagy Imre Avenue, turning onto II. János Pál Road, a highway characterised by heavy traffic, we can carefully turn towards the Postavölgy district, from where we return the same way. We shall return to the city centre along Aidinger János Street ? Malomi Road without having to cope with the traffic of Siklósi Road.



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