Barbican House

The complex in front of the distinctive round tower of the medieval bishop?s fort, the barbican, serves office, residential and commercial functions. The house attempts to comply with several different sets of requirements. The divided mass responds to the stylistically various houses of the neighbourhood. The facades emphasise the urban character of the building, but the meander-like floor-plan creates intimate, zigzagged spaces. One of the special features of the building is the structured facade system, the homogenous handling of stone, brick and plaster coverings of different depths. Even the openings behave differently on the three types of wall covering: they are orderly and in line on the stone surfaces, they are a bit more loose on the brick surfaces, and they move around freely on the plastered walls according to the inside functions. The building complex constructed in two runs received the Wienerberger Brick Award in 2006 as the best brick building of Europe. Strict requirements ensure its proper state, regulating the potentially problematic questions from the window-blinds to the shop signs.

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