Apolló Cinema

The former ?Apollo Projectograph?, probably completed in 1912, right before World War I, is one of the oldest cinemas of the country. It is not known for certain who designed the original edifice. Even though the building kept its original function, the cinema was in a terrible shape by the nineties. With the beginning of the reconstruction lead by Béla Keresztes, the original plasticity of the facade, the characteristic, curved APOLLO sign were reconstructed, and the frescoes of the former large hall, works of Ern? Gebauer local artist were also made visible. The partial function shift of the inside was done delicately. A box on pillars was placed in the former large screening hall of a capacity of 400 people, hosting the two new viewing rooms and the projection booth. A cafe and restaurant was designed on the newly built ground floor that can be accessed via the original doors from the entrance hall. The former ticket booth has been replaced with a children?s activity room for the youngest visitors. A new wing with 13 apartments was constructed on the site of the Gábor street wing from the sixties.

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