Apáca Street house

This house was built on an odd-shaped ground reaching into the inside of the block on the historic Apáca Street. With a nowadays unusual gesture, the facade looking over the street is not as high as its neighbours: the third level hides in the curve of the roof, almost invisible from the street level. The slightly tilted facade of the upper floor, the white plaster and the old-fashioned harmony of the windows and doors give the building a grown look, in harmony with the eclectic environment and the Mediterranean-Balkan traditions of Pécs. The intricately shaped details, such as the simple but breathtaking double gate, reveal the true age of the building. The playful eminence of the facade, shown in the single opening on the ground floor, the off-centred upper level windows, and the careful concealment of the gutter, makes the Apáca Street tenement building one of the most exciting examples of contemporary architecture in Pécs.

artur poipic artur poipic artur poipic



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