48-as Square

An important point of the completely reshaped quarter dedicated to the European Capital of Culture year is the 48-as square. Several ECC projects are located nearby, such as the privately sponsored Corso Hotel construction or the Knowledge Centre, and a little further, the Concert Hall. Two main viewpoints determined the re-planning of the square. One was to eliminate the noise from Zsolnay Vilmos Street close by: this was achieved with a turf-slope raised 1.20 meters high, which looks like a grassy hillside from the park. The other challenging point was the harmonisation of different modes of use. The memorials of the square were grouped around a central, paved surface to create a site for remembrance. On weekdays, the inviting green of the square provides relaxation and entertainment, primarily to visitors of the numerous nearby educational institutions; the good atmosphere is further improved by the new fountain on the paved surface.

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