Westend City Center

The complex was built up really quickly, under a period of three years on a hardly used plot of land belonging to the railway company. It is still regarded as the etalon of its kind, just like other works of architect József Finta who became a rising star ever since the '60s. The complex combining a shopping mall, offices and a hotel accelerated the rehabilitation development of Váci avenue; and also showed a new alternative for public places with its roof garden raised above the railway tracks. The brick-covered facades and the indoors with clear, large open spaces represent the kind of ?moderate? modernism for which Finta Studio became popular among the international investors. Other architectural gestures of the building, like the spectacular half-roof over the main entrance, communicate with the neighboring Western Railway Station that was built by the Gustave Eiffel Office. Unfortunately the revitalization of the triangle-shaped square in front of the entrance, on Nyugati Square has never been accomplished, just like the planned second phase of the complex, above the railway tracks.

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