The thoughtfully designed building gave home to a transformer station from its erection until the 1960's, and was abandoned for decades afterwards. In the early 1990's many old transformer houses were renovated in Budapest for functions other than the original (Merlin theatre, Museum of Electrical Engineering, bank branch). Then a French anarchist artist group discovered the former South Pest transformer building, and it served as an open cultural centre for a summer, later it became a squat. Eventually, the city of Budapest had it rebuilt to its current design using money set apart for the expo, originally as a successor of the legendary Young Artists' Club (Fiatal M?vészek Klubja). While maintaining the architectural values, the whole interior of the house was altered; beside the large theatre room and the event halls of the basement, an exhibition area and rehearsal rooms were created. The single level building on the neighboring parcel facing T?zoltó street was demolished, giving place to a small square in front of the new entrance to the cultural centre with the trade mark "TRAFÓ" sign over it.

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