Toldy Secondary School extension

The school building that gave place to one of the first secondary schools of Buda, was erected by 1859 according to the plans of János Petschnig (Johann Nepomuk Petschnig) from Graz. The neo-gothic building did not contain a gymnasium, so a part of the ground floor had been used for that purpose until the beginning of the 21st century. The new, 1350 square meter block was placed on the neighboring plot of land that opens to the lower-laying Donáti street because of the significant altitude difference. The mass of the gymnasium hall lies underground, with gardens on the roof and glass skylights providing natural lighting. The dressing rooms, offices and medical rooms are located in the new block that stands in the building line of the street; the two-storied atrium connecting the two blocks functions as a grandstand as well. The brick walls inside and outside adapt to the scale, appearance and materials of the old school building and the surrounding historical buildings; the ceilings were made of fair-faced concrete, the simply lined doors and windows of natural-colored wood. On the entrance door from Donáti street, a copy of the legendary lion-shaped door handle of the main building has been placed.

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