The Castle of Buda and its environs

We begin our walk at the hotel at the bridgehead of Lánchíd (Chain bridge) on the Buda side (accessible from Deák square by bus No. 16). From here we continue along F? street, which is the high street of Víziváros, the area between the Castle and the Danube once populated by fishermen. We make our way up to the Castle on the intimate rows of stairs. Walking along Fortuna street, we can observe the new houses built in place of those destroyed during the war. Their restrained, but modern figure is still interesting. The most aching wound of the war can be seen on Szent György square. Descending from the Castle Hill, we pass by the southern railway station, one of the greatest architectural achievements of the seventies in Hungary. After a few stops, we end our journey at Millenáris Park, the popular park and leisure center built on the grounds of a former factory.



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