Szent György square

The area between Dísz square and the Royal Castle is still an aching wound from World War II. The buildings standing here were ruined during the bombings. Only Várszínház, a local theater and the adjoining former Carmelite monastery have been renovated up till now as well as the Sándor Palace that houses the office of the President of the Hungarian Republic today. In the middle of the square stands the torso of the former Military Headquarters, though a number of plans have been made for its renewal. On the western side of the square (formerly Szent György street), the archducal palace and the annexes to the Royal Palace were demolished in the '60s, although they could have been renewed after the war. There were only ruins in their place up to the 2000's when the planning began at last. One third of the area has been reconstructed by 2007 according to the plans of TAAT. The current walls are of modern times, but the remains of the former walls were found during the excavation. This gave the idea for the cantilever, two-storied walkway which provides a view on the archeological remains. Above the renovated Middle-age or Baroque cellars new buildings will be raised some day; that is why the architectural morphology is moderately modern and avoids using historic elements. The materials used (metal, wood, natural stone, brick) give a decent but straightforwardly contemporary picture; thus these buildings well represent the character of recently raised houses in the Castle area.

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