Széchy Tamás Swimming Pool

The National Water Sports Center on Margitsziget had been built up by 1930 according to the plans of Alfréd Hajós, who was not only Hungary's first Olympic champion in 1896 (in swimming), but also a gifted architect. The establishment, named after him, was later expanded in order to host the European Swimming Championship 2006. For this occasion, a 50-meter and a 25x25-meter outdoor pool were built, as well as changing rooms, grandstands and a diving tower. On completion, the sports complex received its name after swimming instructor Tamás Széchy, who trained five Olympic swimming champions for Hungary and died just two years earlier. The most distinctive element is the diving tower. Its wall-like volume separates the new area from the old swimming pool; however, with its transparent surface it also creates a visual link between them. The clear, geometric forms evoke the era when the original swimming pool was built. According to the architects' intention, the whole structure and design of the building captures the moment when the athlete prepares to jump, balancing himself on the edge of the plank with spread arms.

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