SOTE Education Center

As the campus of the Semmelweis University of Medicine lies directly beside Üll?i road in the 9th district (Ferencváros), which is just going under a major rehabilitation, this was the ideal place to locate the new building. Sixteen individual parcels have been merged together for the establishment. A new building integrating five separate theoretical institutions and a 1300 m2 public area was created during the first stage. The positioning of the building was partly defined by the adjoining block in T?zoltó street. Eventually a passage way is to be opened here that will, according to the plans, connect the new public area with Üll?i road and the Klinikák subway station. The glazed curtain-wall of the building's grandiose hall looks upon the new public space by Vendel street. The five institutions located on separate levels as well as the auditoriums with the capacity of 1600 seats can be all accessed from here. With the use of wooden surfaces and natural stone revetments, the designers' intention was to reflect on the ambiance of the University's older buildings. The block is defined by three inner courts; the poured-floor is the work of artist Antal Örkényi.

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