Societas Cordis Jesu Motherhouse

The Societas Jesu Cordis, the Heart of Jesus Society was founded by a Jesuit monk in 1921 for educational purposes. The order purchased their sanctuary, a house in Horánszky street at the beginning of the thirties, which was secularized in 1949 at their dissolution. The building was returned to them in 2001, and reconstruction started. The order's archives and administrative center were housed in the building, as well as the premises needed for the community center and a dormitory for 25 people. The main facade, which is not particularly valuable, was preserved because of the architect's incitement, as he found it important to protect and develop existing heritage. Accordingly, the new elements of the building consist of the sheet-metal-cladded mass added above the main ledge (here is the great hall housing 130 people), and the new portal framing. This latter is moulded with simple gestures and thus merged into a new frame. The surprisingly distinct additions give the plain, old facade a new significance, but still fit in well with the environment.

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