Roosevelt 7/8

This new office building was finished in 1980 on the place of a classicist-style palace that was ruined in the Second World War. Due to its color, it soon earned its special name in the everyday language: the Spinach House. The new owner initiated a competition in 2001 for the altering of the much debated house; the intention was to keep the original structure. The young architects from Mesteriskola won the tender, but later the work was finished by Turányi and Simon Architects whose studio came second in the original tender. The outside of the building, finished in 2006, is their work. The facade that is divided into five parts reflects the division of the surrounding facades. The architects designed the jointed roof with the view from the Castle in mind. Originally, behind the facade jointed by multi-colored glass bands were to be a public passage and two atriums, but these were rejected by the consigner. Also, the uppermost story bearing a unique vista now gives place to offices instead of a restaurant or flats, as planned originally.

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